Lost Book

Well, my first post. I’ve tried this another way and the circles keep turning and nothing happens. Is this something I’ve done or does it take a long time to get this going.
Lost Book– My trials and tales. This is suppose to be a way I can tell anyone about the books that I read. It almost came to an end yesterday before it started.
I carry my book most places so if I am caught I can read to make the time pass. Doing a small job on the boat and as always carried the current book. After completion of the job closed the boat and prepaired to head home. Couldn’t find the book, looked everywhere even called Dearest, my wife, to see if she picked it up for me. I figured I must have left it home and left to look in the other usual places. No such luck. Borrowed Dearest’s car to head back to the boat. Took her car because it uses less gas and it was nice outside, hers is a convertrible. Back on the boat and looking in all the usual places. Not anywhere. Started to look where I wouldn’t take it and of course there it was sitting in a covered chair on fly-bridge. I don’t even remember bringing it up there, anyway whats lost is now found. I will continue the read and report on Stuart Woods’ “Under the Lake” copyright 1987 released by signet paperback 2010
Until then,
shake your fists and shout “you dirty buzzards!”


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