Book Report; “Under the Lake” Stuart Woods

oooooooo new post on the blog.
“Under the Lake” by Stuart Woods copyright 1987 released by Signet in May 2011.
Set in 1976, former investigative journalist , now author “sells out” to ghost write an autobiography. Marriage failing and new career not panning out the way he expected travels to small town to bang out the autobiography of wealthy fast food king. In the small town of Sutherland John Howell fights with depression, ghostly visions, local politics, and best of all lust.
Stuart Woods, known to me as, the author of the Stone Barrington novels provides the reader with turns and twists that kept me attentive throughout the book. I found myself using events described in the book to figure the ages of the characters.
This reads fairly fast and leaves you trying to figure out what will happen to the characters after the end of the book.

Next up “Deepsix” by Jack McDevitt Copyright 2001 This book was loaned to me by my oldest son Jacob. This Sci-phy is unknown to me as is the author. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Just to let you know I get most of my books from “Used” book stores, loans, and put and takes. Every once in a while I do get new books, but will read the older ones because I’m cheap. Let me know if you have suggestions of if you want to pass along a book you would like to share, contact me and will figure out how to pass it along.
Now, raise your fist in the air and shout “You Dirty Buzzards!”


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