Book Report; “Harm’s Way” By Stephen White copyright 1996

White’s main character Dr. Alan Gregory’s friend and neighbor is killed in a bizaar way that leads police to feel it is the beginning of a serial killing. Although not a trained profiler Gregory is asked by Boulder CO detective to help with developing a psychological profile of the killer. White uses the Boulder area as a setting naming various landmarks and cities to make the plot real. This is an interest to me because I lived in the area in the late 70’s.

My father attended classes in Boulder during the 30’s, yes that’s 1930’s. During that stay my Dad met a girl from Kansas City.  While visiting me my father and I drove around western Boulder looking for the house that he stayed in and a trail that he walked down with the Kansas City lady. He thought he recognized the house but we could not find the trail head. He didn’t tell me everything that went on back then, but I sure he was in “lust”.

White’s  book kept me interested, his characters are human and flawed the way we all are. An example is Gregory’s new wife has MS, and deals with everyday problems that are part of the MS disease. I have friends that also have MS and it gives me more insight into what living with it entails.

Being almost 20 years old some technology in the book is dated. Character Gregory is wrestling with the purchase of a “car phone”. It is easy to get past and just enjoy the book.

Next up, hold on I’ve got to go grab the next in line, ……. OK.

“A Place Called Freedom” by Ken Follett copyright 1995

Follet does a lot of historical fiction so I don’t think that new technology will be a factor. I like the way Follet uses real events and wraps his story around them.

Until next time, fist in the air “you dirty buzzards!!!”


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