Book Reviews

Book Report; “A Place Called Freedom” by Ken Follett copyright 1995

I have found that Ken Follett’s books follow the same premise. There is a clash between classes, there is a strong woman character, and every time things start to go right for the heros and heroins they are beat back down.

This is how ” A Place Called Freedom” moves. A coal miner in Scotland in the late 18th century, learns that everyone isn’t automatically slave to the mine owner. A young lady wants to have more say in how she is treated and what she can do with her own life. Both slaves to tradition and the are held down by “the man”. Each try to run away in their own way. They cross paths throughtout the story and end up both sent to “The Colonies” . He as a convict transported from England. She as a new wife to a unscrupulous and weak man looking for a easy life and wealth.

I learned from the book. I never realized that convicts were “transported” to the American Colonies. I thought they all went to Australia. Also it amazes me what people of privilage thought and expected.

Ken Follett uses history and weaves his story around the actual facts. He does this well. I would like some explanation to what is historic fact and what is made up for the story line.

I think I need to look for more current books. Just for my own enjoyment. But until then it’s back to the used book store. I frequent Booked for the Season on 7th street in Grand Haven.

Next up, “Pleading Guilty” by Scott Turow copyright 1993 ( I know, I said I need to look for more current books. This one was in the pile.



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