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Book Review; ” Chasing Midnight” by Randy Wayne White copyright 2012

 I had mentioned on FB that I enjoyed Carl Hiaasen, and the Florida based stories. I was recommended Randy Wayne White as a author I might like. I found some older titles and was hooked. White’s characters “Doc Ford” and “Tomlinson” are enjoyable and beliveable.

“Chasing Midnight” finds Ford and Tomlinson attending a gathering of the world Sturgeon importers. Sturgeon are where caviar eggs are gathered and Beluga is the best. Beluga caviar comes from the Caspian Sea, overfishing and polution have made it very highly prized. The weekend gathering was hosted by a Russian black market millionair with the purpose of rallying interest in a new US import company that has found a way around the international ban on beluga products. Also arriving, uninvited, is a group of eco-extremists. The situation proceeds to go downhill from there. From the beginning the action starts fast and keeps going throughout the story.
I find White’s books exciting, educational, and just plain fun to read.
Next up another “go to” author, James Rollins’ “Altar of Eden” copyright 2010


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