Book Reviews

Book Review; “Alter of Eden” by James Rollins copyright 2010

Once again James Rollins delivers with “Alter of Eden”. Rollins was suggested by a Librarian in Grand Haven, MI, as a author like Clive Custler.

“Alter of Eden” has a veterinarian that works for an exotic animal research center being called to help the Border Patrol check out a trawler that has run aground in the Mississippi Delta. On board the trawler are animals exotic and dangerous. Our Vet. and Boarder Patrol Leader turn out to have a history between the families. Our characters now have to deal with the history between them,  dangerous genetically modified animals, and ruthless business people trying to get their animals or parts of them back into the labs.

Rollins keeps the action flowing throughout the book along with great descriptions of Louisiana bayou’s and Cajon people right out of “Swamp People” and the other reality showes on the USA channel.

Another reason I would suggest reading a Rollins novel is, at the end of the book Rollins has a fact or fiction section. In this section Rollins explains what is true and actual and what he has included in his fictional account. To me this makes the books educational and entertaining.

Next up a Patricia Cornwell novel featurning Dr. Kay Scarpetta, “Blow Fly”, copyright 2003.

When I picked the last set of books I didn’t realize that the settings were both taking place in Mississippi Delta and Louisana swamps. Go figure.


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