Book Reviews

Book Review; “Blow Fly” by Patricia Cornwell copyright 2003

  Sorry for the delay in a update. I have reasons, really. It’s summer time and thing like life get in the way of reading. We are trying to sell our house and thought it was sold when the buyer backed out due to a repair that needed to be completed. Well I completed the repair in a couple of days but the buyers paniked and backed out of the sale. My Wife then decided she didn’t want anymore suprises and ordered a inspection of her own. At first I was against this but now that it’s over and a new buyer comes around there should not be anymore suprises. I’ve spent some time doing the little things that were on the inspectors list. Nothing serious just clean out around the Air Conditioner, replace a couple of GFI recepticles that didn’t want to reset, and new insulation on the cold line to the AC. Anyway all this takes away from my reading time.

“Blow Fly” by Patricia Cornwell, I was initially excited to find a “Scarpetta Novel” that I haven’t read, but, this one was a disapointment. I found it choppy and predictable. Another reason it took me so long to finish the book was, it didn’t hold my attention. I found it easy to find something else to do instead of read. It turned into a bathroom book. You know the book that you read a few pages while in the bathroom. I also would read if I was awake in the night and needed to get back to sleep. It did the trick.

I usually like Cornwell as a writer and the other books that I have read kept me interested, even with her tendancy to talk a lot about same sex relationships. I don’t have a problem with same sex relationships, but I think she dwells on it a little too much. I have discussed this with my wife and her thought bringing up the subject brought it to light that it excisted not whether you agree or not. Guess thats a good reason. I just thought she made to much about it in the books.

Not a good review for this book, which is 10 years old, however,  it will not stop me from reading more Cornwell books.

Next up; “Wings of Eagles” by Ken Follett copyright 1983. This is a true story, not historical fiction. The beginning reminds me of the movie “Argo”. I deals with Americans jailed in Iran in the late 70’s. So far it’s good. I’ll let you know more later.

Dearest, my wife, are traveling on our boat now so I’ve got more time to read it the water is smooth and the autopilot doesn’t have to work to hard.


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