No rant just update

I’ve had my problems with publishing again. So a few days late with the last blog. Thought I had posted the book review but, nope. Think it’s up there now.

The Wife (Dearest) and I are on our boat cruising northern Lake Michigan. We are living the dream. At least my dream, anyway. The plan was to sell the house and everything else and move onto the boat and cruise the “Great Loop” .

For those that don’t know what the “Great Loop” is here’s a short explanation. The Intercoastal Water Way runs the East coast of the United States From Florida to Maine. In New York the Hudson River connects the Erie Canal or Lake Champlain. The Erie Canal connects the Great Lakes and then around to Chicago you can take the Illinois River to the Mississippi River and down to the Gulf of Mexico. Most “Loopers” will cut over to the Tennesee River and down the Tennesse/Tomm Bigby (Tenn-Tom) down to Gulf Shores and Mobile Bay.

Well, the house hasn’t sold yet and we are still practicing our Looping skills. We both enjoy visiting the ports along Michigan’s West Coast. Mostly we find people very friendly and helpful. Always find the occational asshole. But with the good comes the bad also.

We are currently in Northport, MI on the Lelanau pennisula. It’s hard to find a more beautiful place. Northport is a small town that is trying to make it’s way by tourists. The town is clean, and friendly. The marina and park right behind and next door has been updated. The bath house is well done. There is suppose to be a free laundry for marina guests, we haven’t looked for it but will probably do so today,

Tonight is free music in the park, which is right next to the marina and tomorrow is the annual dog parade. This years event is “The Wizard of Dogz”. That should prove lively. With Toots our dog we have the “Wicked Witch”.  Really Toots isn’t that bad she just needs to be introduced and she has certain feelings toward certain people. That means she can be protective. She can bite and has. As pet owners it is our responsablity to keep her under control. Now that she is 13 she has slowed down a lot but still a good leash and pinch collar is always used when we walk. I don’t hesitate to tell other pet owners that she doesn’t play well with others. Again she needs her time to adjust to other animals.

Well that was a tangent. Again we are in Northport Michigan until Sunday the 4th unless the weather doesn’t permit us to leave. Our planned destination is Beaver Island, MI about 50 miles north of here. Thats about 5 hours by our boat. It can be a very enjoyable 5 hours or what seems like an eternity if the waves get big and bumpy.


Byron the Dirty Buzzard



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