Minor Adjustments

When I started this “Blog” it was to tell about the books I’ve been reading. I still plan to write about books I’ve read, but after talking with fellow boaters I’ve decided to write about our adventures on “Bright Angel”. Bright Angel is our (mine and Dearest’s) cruising boat. I mentioned yesterday that we were in Northport, Michigan. We are scheduled for one more night here then to move on. Dearest is having an enjoyable time and maybe doesn’t want to leave. She’s hoping for high wind and waves so we would be trapped.

Maybe one of the reasons for her wanting to stay is “Barb’s Bakery”. A short walk from the marina and easy to find, there is a trail of people walking that way every morning.  I’ve got my excercise in walking there and back and then treat myself to Cinnamon Twists or today custard filled chocolate covered roll. I’ve got a good sugar buzz going, enough to start typing.

Last night was music in the park. The park is right behind the marina and it was filled with locals and boat people. Lots of lawn chairs, kids, families and families with dogs. We were tentative about going because of Toots. Toots is older and has been known to not like other dogs. Well, we tried it and she was great. I kept a tight leash on her but she was quite docile. People seem drawn to her. You don’t see a lot of her breed. Wire-haired haired Pointing Griffons, they mostly go to hunting family’s. In fact when we adopted Toots the first thing the person asked was if we hunted. It was Toot’s last chance so they let us take her home. What an adventure! But that’s another story. Music in the park was a bluesy band, with guitars and drums and electric piano. Music featured covers of 60’s bands, Hendrix, Traffic, a lot of Stevie Windwood, even KC and the Sunshine Band. All the time we were there people would ask about Toots. She enjoyed the attention and soaked up the pets and affection. She did get into a stare down with a Border Collie, that was all. Toward the end we were heading back to the boat and a quick rain shower sprung onto all of us, while people huddled under trees, lawn chairs, and pizza boxes. We made our way back to the boat and were treated to a magnificent double rainbow. The band under the pavilion kept on playing. Instead of Nearer My God to Thee they played “I Don’t Need No Doctor” by Humble Pie. Made my night! Enough that it was one of the first things I thought of this morning and wanted to share it with all four of you. See the ranks are growing.

Until next time enjoy the good life. “Beats breathing dirt”.


2 thoughts on “Minor Adjustments

  1. Carl Kallansrud says:

    Love the expansion of content. Sort of letting us “read” between the lines of the books and enjoy the background to your reading. Will see if the travels impact what you read too. Carl

  2. Good stuff Byron! Sounds like a great evening.
    Regarding Blowfly and Patricia Cornwell, I didn’t care for this one. In fact, I’ve found better authors to read. I enjoyed her earlier books, back when her niece was just a kid.

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