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Book Review; “On Wings of Eagles” By Ken Follett copyright 1983 (Plus a personal view)

Found this book at the Used Book store in Grand Haven, MI (Booked for the Season). I’ve been reading some of Follett’s books and thought it’s old but lets see. This is a true story of Ross Perot’s efforts to release from jail and get out of the country two of his employees in Iran. Follett prefaces the book with the statement, (This is not a “fictionalization” or a “nonfiction novel.”  I have not invented anything. What you are about to read is what really happened.) This took place during the turmoil that was the dispose of the Shah and the entrance of the Ayattolah in Iran. Ross Perot’s company Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) had contracts in Iran to computerize the Shah’s bank and the Welfare System. Two of his employees are wanted for questioning in regards to bribes of Iranian officials. throughout the book it is said that EDS did not use bribes as a means of contract negotiation. Assured by the American Embassy that this would be just a formality and the magistrate was sympathetic to the Americans, the two employees went to the magistrate’s office and were then interrogated for 2 days. Then placed in jail without any formal arrest. I kept thinking while reading, how unknowlegeable we as Americans are to other cultures and regimes.

The book gives a history of Perot’s dealings during the Vietnam War that I was not aware. A bit of history of his company and hiring practices and the way he ran his company. Employees ready to put themselves in harm’s way for the good of others and because of loyalty to their boss.

I liked the book. I learned more of what was happening during that time period. The book should see a revival with the release of movies like “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty”.

Next is my own opinion and has nothing to do with the book.

While this was happening for real I was living in the Denver area and was too wrapped up in my own single life to realize what was happening in other places. I think this is true for most Americans not only then but still.  Lets just say hindsight is “twenty twenty”, but if you don’t watch what has happened it will happen again. I think that was proved with “911”, “the attack on the Cole”, and even now with the Benghazi incident. There were plenty of mistakes made by our government and it’s ability to acknowledge what is or was happening in other parts of the world. It also substantiates the fact that most of Americans would rather go around “fat, dumb, and happy” rather than know what other people in the world think of us. Every time something big is happening in the world their seems to be a celebrity drunk driving arrest or “Honey Boo Boo” is captioned so we can understand what she’s saying. This could be a conspiracy by the government to keep our eyes someplace else rather than on what really is happening.

I’ve got theory’s, but this isn’t the place. Next up was going to be “The Black Order” by James Rollins, but after reading the first couple of pages realized I had already read the book. It was good if you like James Rollins and haven’t already read it, do so.

Now really Next up; “The Siege” by Stephen White copyright 2009.



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