Blind River, Ont, Canada

Morning shot of the facilities here in Blind River. Last night I did peek out to look for meteors. Saw none but was amazed at the stars. Haven’t seen the Milky Way in years. We will stay here in Blind River for a day or two due to predicted Thunder Storms. I can see now that there are some ominous clouds moving this way from the west. This will give us some time to restock some supplies and do a little laundry.
I am finding that the “North Channel” is smaller than what I thought. Day trips are only 30 – 40 miles. But the constant moving has left the Admiral travel weary and ready for a day or two in one place. So far this is good. The town of Blind River is about a 15 minute walk from the marina so might put the dingy down and see if I can use it to our advantage and travel up the river and dock closer to the Butcher shop and Grocery store. That’s right there is a Butcher shop, how is that for bringing back the 50’s.


Blind River, Ont, Canada


One thought on “Blind River, Ont, Canada

  1. Your trip is so wonderful. You have us hanging by our shirt tails, waiting for your next entry! Enjoy every moment! Keep the Lady Admiral happy! How’s Toots?

    Paula T Dixie Dutchgirl

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