Book Reviews

Book Report, “The Siege” Stephen White, copyright 2010

Although we are spending time cruising the “North Channel” on norther Lake Huron, I am still finding time to read. This book made me stop in port for an extra day so that I didn’t have to stop.  The last 200 pages kept me riveted.

White’s character Sam Purdy, Boulder Colorado detective, has been suspended from the force for whatever happened in the last book. (Hold on Toots just got up and has decided that she needs attention and to go for a walk)

OK, Sam Purdy, White’s detective character, has a girl friend (Carmen) pregnant with his child is on Dr. ordered bed rest. Sam is tasked with attending a family in law gathering in place of Carmen. Sam is asked to help with a problem involving a daughter of the new family. Sam meets a mentally wounded FBI “special agent” and his married to another, CIA analysist. Apart and together they come up with what everyone else can’t.

Watch the dates at the beginning of the chapters or you could get confused. I had to go back and look. To many times I skip the titles of chapters and move along. There is also a picture and map at the beginning of the book that I referred to during the reading.

This is a book that kept my attention and I didn’t want to put down. I even read the acknowledgements at the end because like a great movie that you don’t want to end, I wanted this story to keep going. Enjoy!

Next up another treat, “Night Vision” By Randy Wayne White, copyright 2011. Dearest (the Admiral) found this at the “Put and Take” in Blind River, Ontario, Canada’s City Marina laundry. A hard copy I opened it last night and found it to be autographed. How do you like that!

I will be following this with another update on our cruising adventures here in the North Channel. Until then, look for buzzards and shake a fist.


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