First World Problems

At least 3 years ago. note licence plate

At least 3 years ago. note licence plate

Foggy morning<
Day three in Blind River. We have had fog, rain, high winds and colder than normal temperatures. Plus we left the space heater at home. Who needs a space heater in August. Well if it gets that cold we can use the warm side of the AC/heat. Oh wait what is that sound the raw water pump isn't working. So much for the heat. Hope it doesn't get to hot when we get back into Michigan. That's the AC raw water pump also.
This is turning out to be quite the shake-down cruise. We are finding things that need to be fixed or changed to make our boating adventure more comfortable and fun.
Tomorrow, there will be sun. I've heard that somewhere before. With the sun comes the move on, hopefully toward Gore Bay, Ontario, on the Manitoulin island. There we will be close to the Benjamin Islands, in fact we should skirt them on the way. We purposely stayed in Blind River waiting for the weather to be right so we could see the beauty of the islands. I am still a bit hesitant to travel through some small channels without good weather.
The North Channel is perfect for anchoring out in secluded spots enjoying the privacy and beauty of Canada. We practiced anchoring earlier this summer and have become adequate. We even anchored in 50 feet of water in Round Lake at Charlevoix, MI. I let out so much anchor rode that it took and extra 10 minutes to bring in the anchor when we left. The chain is marked every so often, but I need to make it more clear and identify the depths with colors or some other way.
At this time anchoring is out is difficult with Toots. If you don't know Toots is our dog. She is now 13 and starting to show her age. She's always been a handful and more K9 than I've ever had. But to get 60 pounds of squirming dog from the back deck into the dingy so she can go ashore to do her business just doesn't work. Floating docks can be a problem but a moving dingy is almost impossible.
So our travels have been from port to port. After Toots leaves us for that great couch in the sky we will anchor more.
An other problem we ran into lately is the lack of prescription medications. We thought we had it covered but, one med slipped through. We need to get a script filled. There are refills available at our hometown pharmacy but we have run into trouble getting them to us. I was ready to head back into US waters and then back track, but after a talk with my son have decided on option 2. We will go to a medical center in Canada and have a doctor write a new script, pay for the doctor, hopefully the costs will be at least used as co-pays with our regular insurance carrier. The doctor fees will be less than the fuel to back track to the nearest US port with a pharmacy.
So. First world problems, The AC on the boat is out. I can hear my oldest son now "Muffy, I am so mad that the AC doesn't keep me cool." We've been stuck in Blind River. There is electricity, water, and provisions within walking distance and the people are nice. (I've got to tell you about the ladies I met at the "ValuMart" picking up groceries. I was looking for organic milk. These two little old ladies helped me find milk, not organic but, 2% and guaranteed the quality. A local dairy. Then they wanted to know what else I needed and proceeded to get me the correct items. The right bacon, fresh green beans and tsk tsked when I picked up some candy. Finally I asked them were the butcher in town was located. "He's closed. Go right back there and get your meat here."
I thanked them for all the help and their remark was "oakie dokie".)
Can't anchor out. We have the means to stay at the docks and the ports are safe and secure. We ran out of meds. Nobodies fault but our own there.
So, with the coming dawn we hope for low winds and sunshine to greet us and warm up the boat. Make sure the batteries in the cameras are charged to take pictures of the natural beauty. Yesterday I saw a Bald Eagle, that's good luck, I also saw a buzzard. You know what I did then? I shook my fist at it and smiled while I said "you dirty buzzard".
Last of all, just a few minutes ago while Dearest and I and Toots were on our way back to the boat after walk to bathrooms and the grass, I spotted 3 otter swimming between the boats. I've got pictures and will try to upload to show and tell later.

Until next time


One thought on “First World Problems

  1. …and that’s why they call it an adventure! Actually, it sounds like you’re making the best of it. Hope to see some more pix. Love your narration. Righty-o then…pip, pip…okie-dokie…etc.

    Paula T Dixie Dutchgirl

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