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Book Report; “Category Five” T.J. MacGregor copyright 2005

My first book by MacGregor and I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I picked it up. After reading the back I was questionable. Not a romance novel it held my attention after about 1/3 into the read. But, left me with other questions and doubts. Characters Mira,(Hot-Mom), Nadine, (Grandmother) Annie, (15-year-old daughter of Mira), and Sheppard (Mira’s live-in fiance) are dealing with the dynamics of a new man in the household. Mira is a psychic that has been taught by her Grandmother Nadine. Whom she owns a book store on the fictional island Tango Key. Mira’s boyfriend Sheppard, Shep, is with the FBI and has been assigned to find and capture 3 people, two have broken out of the Tango jail, killing a guard and at least one police person in the jail break. The leader and self thought brains Billie Joe Franklin has broken out his girl friend Crystal and her jail friend Tia. Annie is 15 and starting to discover her own psychic abilities and also deal with teenage angst. “YOUR TEARING ME APART!”
Tia is black and is awaiting trial for the killing of 4 men. There is a history of abuse with Tia. The men that were killed, were abusive husbands or boyfriends of women Tia met in counseling. Tia has become Crystal’s protector in jail and so, Crystal needs her to come along in the jail break. Crystal is in waiting trial for bank robbery committed with Billie Joe, 5 million dollars worth. See I told you it takes a while to get going. The beginning is predictable with family dynamics involving an invalid Grandmother, mother & daughter and a new live in boyfriend. On the other side Billie Joe likes to be in charge and so does the new addition to their gang, Tia. Add the fact that Mira can “read” the future and see into people’s pasts. I questioned, if Mira is a psychic, why didn’t she know what was going to happen. Well, she saw it in a dream but didn’t know what it ment.
Along with the jail break, there is a hurricane developing off the coast and tracking toward the Keys. It is developing as a clone of “hurricane Andrew”. Andrew and this new hurricane, Danielle, become major characters in the story. MacGregor mixes facts and fiction into what happened during and after Andrew hit Homestead and Miami. Then goes off on a tangent about the government’s inability to provide help and services to survivors of the storm.
This book was published in 2005. I wonder if it was written and published after Katrina and the fiasco in Louisiana. Anyway the mixing of truths and unsubstantiated facts took away from the story, for me. I will think twice before picking another of MacGregor’s books.
Next up, another author I am unfamiliar with, Michael Gruber. The book is “Valley of Bones” copyright 2005. On the cover is says “Hair-Raising.” I guess we will see. I’ll let you know.
Now I still have time before the office closes to trade in the MacGregor novel for another.
Until next time. Read on.


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