Book Reviews

book Report; “The Staggerford Flood” by Jon Hassler copyright 2002

First a vent; I have just finished this and posted it to the blog and the Damn thing is gone. Now I know that it something that I do that is wrong but it really pisses me off that I lost the last 45 minutes worth of words and corrections.

Now back to the real reason we are here; If you paid attention to the last blog entry you will notice that this is not the book that I said I was reading, here’s why.

After finishing “Category Five”, I brought the book up to the marina office in Little Current, Ontario. While searching the titles this title caught my eye. When I opened the cover and found an inscription that read “from Charlevoix, Michigan to Little Current, Ontario, 2013” I had to have it. Why. Because it ment someone else was reading while cruising. So now on the inside cover I’ve added, “From Little Current, Ontario to Blind River, Ontario via Gore Bay Ontario, August 2013.

On the back cover it says that “Hassler’s Staggerford Minnesota is north Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon”. That gives you the idea of what we are looking at for a story.  One of Staggerfords leading residents is Agatha McGee. Local elementary  school teacher for almost 50 years. Miss McGee has taught most of the people in the town and knows of the rest. She still holds her former students to higher plane. Miss McGee , having never married, and now almost 80 is questioning her life decisions. She is living in the house she grew up in with only her nephew to help out and drive her when she needs. Miss McGee did have a man she felt a kindred spirit with but then found out he was a priest. Now it has been 4 years since he has passed and she lonely and her health is in decline and now doesn’t even leave the house.

The Local weekly paper prints an article that she is about to die and now she has a reason to get out of the house. Add to this a 100 year flood, a house full of flood victims, a lie to save the next town, a man who can’t stand big words, and a nosey local radio commentator, you get a story that reads fast and has the wit of “A Prarie Home Companion”.

I am sorry if this isn’t as good as the first but, now I hurried. Of course you’re not going to know what the first one said anyway.

Next is a book with Bones in the title and I think the author’s name is Gruber or something like that. Check out the last blog to find out.

And finally thanks to Ashley for helping me get in contact with my son Ben. Thanks again Ashley.
Until next time Read on Macduff.


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