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Book Report; “Valley of Bones” by Michael Gruber copyright 2005

Lets hope the third time is the charm. Just so you know for some reason I keep loosing my reports. Not only does this add frustration to my lifestyle, but it denies you, the reader, the chance to learn from my experiances and readings. This will be short.
My first reading of author Michael Gruber. From the advertizement teazers in the first couple of pages this is his second book. The copyright date of 2005 would lead you to belive there are other books now available from the author. I seem to find an author I like, then catch up with the characters in the newer books. Not always in the order that they are written, but thats just me.
Grubers character Jimmy Paz is a detective in Miami. He is of Afro-Cuban decent, this comes up a couple of times in the book. Paz is known for solving a strange Voodoo case, the previous book. This is good and bad for him. This case involves a Arab/Somoli buisness man that has fallen or jumped from a 10 story window. Paz finds a suspect still in the room that the man went out the window. Emmylou is on her knees having a discussion with a long dead saint. Arrested Emmylou, is evaluated for her mental compitance by pscholigist Lorna Wise. Emmylou begins a confession of her entire life but not of killing the Arab buisnessman. Wise and Paz are brought together in the case and work to solve not only Emmylou’s problems but their own also.
Gruber weaves what could be enough for three books around and through. Bringing them all together in the end. I enjoyed the book and it kept me intrested throughout. I recomend it.
There short but after a couple of other tries I don’t want to put a lot into this and loose another.
Thanks to all for the suggestions of how possibly make this easier on me. If I get better it will provide a better product for you, the reader. Lets move in that direction together.
Until next time, breath in – breath out.


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