Book Reviews

Book Report; “Lucky’s Lady” by Tami Hoag copyright 1992

I think the book I have is a re-release of one of Hoag’s first novels. If you are a blog follower you will remember that I said, I found this on the boat after running out of books of my own. Well, it’s true. Dearest is an electronic reader, but sometimes she runs out of batteries or like lately has not had access or downloading capabilities. This makes her keep a couple of paperbacks available, “just in case”. I found myself in almost the same predicament. Having finished the last couple of books and not looking ahead to further reading I found myself without. So, I went for Cynthia’s stash.
I’ve read other books by Hoag and found them to be easy reads and for the most part enjoyable. “Lucky’s Lady”, is all that. The characters are the beautiful psychologist, with an evil twin. A troubled ex-military, Cajun, “robin hood”, with a sensitive side. And, the cantankerous old Grandfather scheming to bring the good twin back to her heritage. That about says it all. If you like that kind of book it’s great for you. Dearest calls it a HEA, that’s “Happily Ever After”. Personally I found it to be sappy toward the end.
I also found the use of the French/Cajun language distracting. Not that it doesn’t belong. But, I have trouble reading another language and can’t pronounce the words properly. That frustrates me and causes a “hiccup” , if you will, in the story. I blame a public education. Not the fact that I was a less than average student. Hormones you know, maybe that is why I will read one of these books every so often.
Next up “Blind Eye” by Stuart MacBride copyright 2010. This takes place in Aberdeen Scotland. Think, I had trouble with the Cajun in the last book. This has all the slang from Scotland. But after reading MacBride’s acknowledgements decided that I like his writing. So far it has been good. Although I am having problems with the translations. And its got a lot of initials in it. Don’t worry I’ll muddle through. UNT (Untill Next Time) read on Macduff.


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