Book Reviews

Book Report “Echo Park” by Michael Connelly copyright 2009

This is a test, the next book report you read will be created in a open office program and uploaded to Word Press. Let’s see what happens, shall we.

I have read a lot of Michael Connelly’s books. If your not familiar with Connelly, he is the guy that wrote the “Lincoln Lawyer”. I like his character Harry Bosch.

Bosch is a imperfect hero that makes some mistakes but comes up with the right answers when he needs. “Echo Park” begins in 1992 with the disappearance of Marie Gesto. Bosch has been assigned the case and it is never solved. Now 13 years later Bosch still works on the case when he has the time. He even copied the police book, not suppose to be done, when he walked away from the LAPD for a time. Now Bosch is involved in the case again with a twist. It’s not the person he suspected.

Connelly is a well know and accomplished writer. If you haven’t read any of his books it is time to start. If you like detective mysteries you like these.

After reading some of these blog entries, yes I do proof read it’s the program that makes the mistakes, it seems that I must like them a lot. I read more detective stories than anything else. Well that might not change but I will look for other books so we have a bit of a variety.

Next up is “The Junior Officers’ Reading Club” by Patrick Hennessey copyright 2009. this is definately not a detective novel. Hennessey chronicle’s his time in the British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After this my oldest son has another book for me. I will fill you in on it next time.

Until then keep reading and if you live in Western Michigan go see the Art Prize contestants in Grand Rapids, its worth the walk. My friend, Catherine McClung will have an entry on display at the Women’s City Club, 254 E. Fulton St. Grand Rapids, MI


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