Book Reviews

Book Report “The Devil’s Elixir” by Raymond Khoury copyright 2012

Just a bit of an introduction. I’ve been away awhile and find myself a little behind in book reports and my cruising up dates. The last week has been quite busy with my wedding anniversary, 32 years, my wife’s upcoming birthday, a big one (60), and just cruising home. We are now tied up in our home slip and will take a day or 2 off to decompress catch up with what needs to be done. Sorry for the delay.
OK, back to the report. This is the second of Raymond Khoury’s books I have read. The first was titled “The Last Templar”, it has been awhile since I read it and didn’t remember the author’s name.
The Devil’s Elixir is fast paced and keeps the reader interested. The story begins in mid 18th century with a priest finding a drug that is used by Central American Aztec shamans. It moves then to a date 5 years previous to the present and the war on drugs and a raid into the heartland of Central American drugs. Presently someone is kidnapping scientists and chemists. Our main character, Sean Reilly, is called by ex DEA and former girl friend after her house is attacked and her now boy friend killed. This leads Reilly, FBI, from New York to the West coast, to protect his former lover and her 4-year-old son. You guessed it, it his. Now he has to tell his now live in lady friend that he has a child from a former girlfriend and deal with a crazy Mexican that is after a secret elixir that will make him the new drug king. To say that the Mexican drug person is a bad person is half a statement. He is the epitome of evil and he proves it many times throughout the book.
Khoury keeps the reader involved and ready to keep reading. I liked the book and will probably look for Khoury’s other books. You will have to follow to see how soon I find them.
Next up “Echo Park” by Michael Connelly copyright 2006.
While on our way back down the Western side of Michigan we stopped in Frankfort, MI on Lake Michigan and with a port on Lake Betsie. The city library is right next to the municipal marina. I walked in looking for a put and take or a sell off of some of the books. Seems like I was a little late. They had their anual book sale a week or two before, however I was able to come up with 3 good books and a trivet for Dearest. SCORE!
Until next time, which wont be too long, read on and be excellent to each other.


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