Who is Protar?

Seems my link didn’t let you make the Protar information large enough to read. Here is a short biography on the man.

Born Friedrich Parrot (pronounced Pah’row) in Estonia in 1838. Studied in Dresden Germany in and became an actor around 1864. He was quite famous at the time as an actor, director, and playwriter. He left Latvia in 1874, for political reasons and moved to America. He then changed his name to Protar. While in the United States he had a career as an actor, reporter, editor, and publisher all in the German language. Protar lived in New York, Chicago, St. Louis and San Antonio. Shortly after the beginning of the 20th Century, Protar sold his thriving Newspaper business in Rock Island, IL and moved to Beaver Island.

His career path did not make him a farmer and he struggled for the first year. He planted a garden in front of his home and lived mostly from its produce. He had horses and a cart to move about the island and to keep them healthy studied veterinary medicine from a book and became an unofficial medicine man for the island. Never accepting money for the services. He did have a friend Dr. Carl Bernhardi that would visit the island in the summers and learned from him.

Protar died  March 3, 1925. “Content with his lifestyle on Beaver Island.”  Oddly enough Bernhardi died on the same day.

The Islanders erected a monument to Protar their “Heaven-sent Friend” on the island and it and his home are cared for and kept up for people to see.2013 Mom's Beaver Island 012

2013 Mom's Beaver Island 025

2013 Mom's Beaver Island 027Growing on the front porch are hops. Whether that is what was there originally or not it makes for a good picture.  Just to let you know all the pictures came from Cynthia Miller’s camera. I’ve been known to use it but all credit goes to her. If the picture is a bit fuzzy it’s because I’ve stretched it. Not Cynthia’s fault.

2013 Mom's Beaver Island 0132013 Mom's Beaver Island 015   2013 Mom's Beaver Island 014

Now on to the next adventure.

Just to let you know I’m still reading and those of you looking forward to the next “book report” should see something in the next week or so. This getting back to reality and the distraction of television has slowed my reading.

Just as we begin to move from the boat and back onto land this fall, the possibility of a brand new adventure has begun to form. My close friend Carl Kallansrud called with information that may develop. That’s all I’m going to say for now. You will have to look for further posts to see what happens.

Going to leave you with pictures of the ferry that runs from Charlevoix, MI to Beaver Island.

2013 phonephotos 140

Because it’s not arriving, it’s beginning another voyage.
Bon Voyage!


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