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Book Report;”A Time for Patriots” by Dale Brown copyright 2011

Just a little preface. I still have some difficulties following the blog rules, so if you happen to see the same post twice, Sorry, Operator error.  Now back to the original plan.

“A Time for Patriots” was found at the Library sell off program in Frankfort, Michigan, I mentioned this before. Author Dale Brown was not familiar to me, but at that price thought, might as well try. I haven’t come to a conclusion on the book yet. This books character, Patrick McLanahan, is now retired or pushed out of the Air Force and lives on an almost defunct Air Force Base in North Central Nevada. McLanahan has been the main character in a number of books and this is the continuation of the series. In this book the United States is suffering from a very bad economic depression and the government has had to make drastic cutbacks all across the U.S. McLanahan, a member of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).   CAP plays a big role almost a separate character of the book. FBI members searching for the bombers look at the CAP as a possible suspect and McLanahan in particular. Using less than ethical resources the FBI look for information connecting McLanahan with the bombings.

Like I said, I have not come to a definite conclusion on the book and the author. I was able to figure out who the real bad guys were and their motives quite early in the book. What action was half-hearted and tame. Was this more realistic? The end of the book was a let down. To me Brown was looking to finish this book and get started on the next. Honestly reading the book made me think “if this is what makes a bestseller, then maybe I should be writing instead of reading.

Now the good parts. It read quickly and kept me wondering if my theories to the bad guys were correct. Maybe the change from the previous book, a memoir, was too abrupt. Anyway this book didn’t excite me. But if it is making me think about it like this it did its job, and left me waiting for more. When in the used book store I almost picked up another title by Dale Brown but hesitated, for now.  It could be possible if I started from the beginning of the series that I might enjoy the books more.

Next up an author that I have read before Arturo Perez-Reverte. Perez-Reverte’s books are translated from Spanish to American/English, and take place in Spain. Like before some of the places and customs are a little difficult, for me, to comprehend. I find myself looking up locations and I enjoy the stories. Next in line is “The Fencing Master”, so far a good story and I’m learning more about fencing than I thought I ever would.

So keep reading and enjoy.

PS. If you like the Cruising editions of the blog I should be posting another about the trip back to our home port from Beaver Island soon.


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