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Book report; “Nail Biter” by Sarah Graves copyright 2006

The question was, do I stay with a novel that was translated from Spanish or move to an author that writes in American/English. The answer is, wait for it, American/English. Applause applause. Wow I could write for a quiz show.

Actually I chose Sarah Graves “Nail Biter”. A home repair is homicide mystery. Yup, if you’re not familiar with this series Graves mixes her mystery with the work she has to do on an almost 200-year-old house she owns in Maine. It works for me. The first title of Graves’ books that I read was handed to me by my oldest son Jacob. With a grin he said,”here is the next book for you “Tool and Die”, he pronounced it Tool and DIE! Since then I’ve read a number of her books, not in order, and found them enjoyable and easy to read.

This latest, “Nail Biter”, has characters, Jacobia (Jake) Tiptree and her friend Ellie owning  a house that they planned to rent or possibly flip. A group of short-term renters have moved in and now have the small town of Eastport, Maine talking of witches and coven. Along with witches, a drug deal gone bad murder, and a missing teen-age girl, Jake is dealing with her own past and what happened to her during her own teenage years. Even with such calamities all around the pair still have to attend to their regular lives, husbands, children, ex-husbands and assorted projects and fix-it jobs in the new rental home and their family homes.

Graves manages to keep it all flowing in a story that could resemble regular life in a family. Lets hope, less, the drug related murder and missing children. All in all a good quick read that keeps you entertained and interested during the entire book.
Next up, “The Narrows’ by  Michael Connelly. Connelly could be considered one of my favorite authors. I always seem to find one of his books when looking for the next group to queue up.

I will let you know what happens.

Now I have projects around this house that need to be accomplished and a list the keeps growing for the boat. By the way the boat is now in winter storage and I’m planning our next adventure for the coming 2014 season. So stay tuned.

If you have any readings suggestions or offers feel free to let me know.


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