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Book Report; “The Narrows” by Michael Connelly copyright 2004

Like I said before, Michael Connelly has to be one of my favorite authors. “The Narrows” did not disappoint. Character Harry Bosch, in this book retired detective, is contacted by the widow of former FBI pro-filer. Harry and the (silent partner) work to figure out who killed the pro-filer.

Harry is introduced to another FBI agent, Rachel Walling, and the two search for a serial killer who was introduced in a previous book by Connelly, “The Poet”. Walling is an agent that is on the outs and stationed in South Dakota where she can stay out of trouble. Her isolation was caused by her interaction with “the Poet” and the fact that she worked and slept with a reporter. Although her private life did not harm the FBI in any way it was deemed inappropriate. Together Bosch and Walling stay ahead of the slow-moving FBI machine. However events don’t work to everyone’s advantage.

Connelly keeps the reader entertained and interested during the entire book. It is not until the last 50 pages that the reader finds out what “The Narrows” are and how they relate to the book.

The author portrays All, except line agents, are more interested in how their actions will be accepted politically rather than finding their suspect. Could this be because Connelly was a crime reporter in LA and worked closely with the LAPD. Connelly makes it perfectly clear that the LAPD and the FBI do not like to work together or share information. Enough supposition. I liked the book and would recommend any of Connelly’s books. There are still a few that I have not read and will surely add them to the queue at a later date.

Next up a real treat. Another of my favorite authors, Lee Child, and the latest Jack Reacher book, “Never Go Back”.  I have said before that most of my books are chosen from the Used Book Store. These are usually 5 – 10 years old and a lot of the times older. It’s a rare occasion when I read a book in the first year. This book has come to me from Hilary Burns. Hilly is always one of the first in line for a new book. I take advantage of our friendship by grabbing her books, sometimes even before she has read them. Thanks Hilly.

Until next time look at the fall colors and enjoy the people around you.


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