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Book Report; “Never Go Back” by Lee Child copyright 2013

I thought that it would be easy to write a report about Lee Childs latest Jack Reacher novel. I am finding just the opposite and I can’t figure out why.  Sometimes anticipation can be better than the actual experience. After waiting for a year for the new Reacher novel I was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and read it in 2 days. Maybe now the wait for the next is why I’m having trouble. I have looked back at the other titles to see if I had missed any, but was able to remember key parts and plots of each of the titles. So, now it’s wait until the next or look forward to maybe another movie. Anyway here is what I have for book report on “Never Go Back”.

Reacher fans will not be disappointed with the latest in Lee Childs “Never Go Back”. Jack has made his way back to the East coast in search of the Army Major, Susan Turner,  that helped him get through a very bad time in South Dakota. Upon arriving at his former command post, 110th MP, Reacher finds the person he is looking for has been relieved of duty and no information on her whereabouts. After being typically Reacher and wanting to know what has happened to the former Commanding Officer (CO), the temporary commander recalls Jack into the Army and places him under arrest for an assault charge from 16 years past and a paternity suit that has Reacher the father of a 14-year-old girl. All this happens in the first few pages, and in typical Lee Child manner keeps going throughout the book.
I have followed the progress of the Reacher character through what I thought was all of Lee Childs Reacher novels. However with their being 18 Reacher books it’s hard for me to imagine that I have not missed one or two. But after going through the titles at the front of the book I can remember each plot. This just goes to show that the books grab you and keep you interested.

If you are not familiar or haven’t read any of Lee Childs, Reacher novels I would suggest starting.  I seldom start with the first book in a series and did that with the Reacher books. I did not have a problem reading out of publishing order and found myself wanting to know what brought Reacher to the point he was at in the current read, and then wanted to find out what his next adventure was going to be.

I’m not really happy with the content of this report but don’t want to get too much into the novel and spoil it for those that haven’t or are maybe on the edge of deciding to read the novel. It gets my endorsement. as mush as that counts.

Next up another Raymond Khoury novel “The Sanctuary” copyright 2007. I’ve written about another of his novels and picked this up off the close-out shelf to see if I would enjoy another.

Until next time; Fall colors are starting in Michigan. The boat is stored for the winter and we are getting ready to pick up leaves. Enjoy every good day you can. (All days are good days, just some are better than others.)


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