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A little background

What started as a book report has become and explanation of what books I like, what authors I fall back on when looking for new books, how I came to read some books, and how I pick a new author. Hope this gives you some insight into my readings

If you have read any of my book reports you know that I don’t read in the order of publish. This is because I don’t usually read books as they become first available.

Most of my books are purchased second-hand. Others are obtained from “put and take” librarys or given to me. My favorite haunt for used books is “Booked for the Season” in Grand Haven, Michigan. If you go there you can use my name. The owner will probably say “Who?” and it wont get you any discount. But, it is nice to be recognised.

It seems that once I find an author that interests me I will look for books by that author and try to read the earlier ones first but it seldom happens.  I have a few authors that I will go back to if I’m having a difficult time deciding. I enjoy, Clive Custler, Nelson DeMille, Sarah Graves, Lee Child, W.E.B. Griffin, Robert Patterson, Patricia Cornwell,  James Rollins, and whole lot of others.

If you would like to see the list of books that I’ve read this year I can publish it. How I got into keeping track of the books that I read was from a biography of Louis Lamour. It seems he kept track of all his readings for a number of years. I thought, give it a try. So, for the last 3 years I’ve kept a list of the authors, titles, a short description, and a very brief evaluation.

Thinking of Louis Lamour. I like westerns or books that take place in the southwest. Books by Lamour, Tony Hillerman, Larry McMurtry and maybe this is a new name for you, Steve Hockensmith. Hockensmith’s, “Holmes on the Range” series, I found very enjoyable. The first book in that series was given to me for Christmas one year by my oldest son. Jacob has been helpful in giving me titles that I wouldn’t usually pick out myself. By the way Jacob, if you are reading this, you said you have a book for me. Hockensmith is also the author of “Pride, Prejudice, and Zombie’s”. A fun book for the October Halloween season.

I also try to add authors that I’m not familiar, to broaden the scope of my reading. That is how I found Ken Follett, Bernard Cornwell, and Arturo Perez-Reverte. I like to listen to suggestions by readers, store patrons, store owners, and library people. Usually I don’t like to bother the library people, because they are usually trying to do their job which is not holding my hand. But if they work in a library or book store most of the time the people like books.

I find that when I go to the main library without a specific title or author in mind I become overwhelmed by the numbers. But, that is how I found authors like James Rollins and Homer Hicham.

I read books that are loaned to me, that’s how I got the latest Lee Child novel, and I always try to return them in the same condition that I received them. When I loan a book I usually ask that it be passed on so someone else can enjoy it. I have found that if I keep all the books I’ve read they soon stack up and are everywhere. I have only reread a few books, the author that comes to mind is Tom Bodett from the Motel 6 commercials. Maybe this is something that I should try more often. I might get more out of the books each time. I know I will watch movies more than once and catch bits and parts that I’ve missed before.

Now I have to finish this so that I can get back to the book report that I promised.  “The Sanctuary” by Raymond Khoury.



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