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Book Report; “Deception Point” by Dan Brown copyright 2001

On the front cover of “Deception Point by Dan Brown it says,”A Rocket-Fast Thriller”. Well, it is. Brown tells a good story. Set in Washington D.C. And on a glacier above the Arctic Circle. Brown is able to move between the two and relate what is going on in each setting and keep the flow of information fast paced and interesting.

Cover of

Cover of Deception Point

“Deception Point” was copyrighted in 2001, and even though 12 years old the story could have been written today. Especially with the turmoil and upheaval that is a constant in U.S. Government. There is a “author’s note” in the beginning of the book that says the agencies and technology described in the book are all true. It is amazing and the way technology changes what was current in 2001 is now outdated.

It is a presidential election year and the incumbent president is falling behind in the poles. Too much spending, costs for government controlled agencies running way over budget. The leader in the opposition primary’s is Senator Sedgewick Sexton. Sexton has been counseled by his beautiful young aide Gabrielle Ashe about costs and overruns in NASA . Now the Senator has taken a low priority problem and made it one of his major campaign policy change promises. “Stop spending and start mending”. All this sounds so familiar right now.

It just so happens that the senator is estranged from his daughter, beautiful Rachel. Rachel has worked hard on her own and now works as an intelligence analyst for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) that liaisons with the White-house. Catchy, estranged daughter working for the other side, but always under suspicion by both sides. Rachel is contacted by the President and asked to help with a secret project. Not refusing the President, Rachel heads off to the unknown.

NASA has made a discovery, with the help of special satellites, of historic proportions. This could be the plus that gets the Senator off the NASA cut wagon and put the incumbent President back into the lead to retain his position for another 4 years.

To confirm the new find and gain more public confidence, the president has asked four specialists, one is handsome Michael Tolland, from the private sector to confirm what NASA has found. Everything is working in a positive manner until just before the Presidential announcement a marine species is found where it should not. Questioning the validity of NASA’s find.

Not wanting to give away any of the secrets that make the book a great read, I will let you find out what happens. I recommend the book as a great read that moves fast and keeps your interests peaked throughout.

Next up, a book that was loaned to me by my eldest son, Jacob, “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, copyright 2001. This book is classified as fiction and after reading the first few pages called Jacob and asked him what classification he would put the book. His answer, modern fantasy. I though it reminded me of the “Twilight Zone”. For younger readers, nothing to do with sparkly vampires, but a scary TV show from the early 60’s.

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