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Book report; “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman copyright 2001

Cover of "American Gods: A Novel"

Cover of American Gods: A Novel

These reviews are my own personal feeling and I am not trying to sway anyone or direct them in any direction. I try to give blog readers a background to the book without giving away any of the plot that could make the reading less enjoyable for the rest of you. That said here is my report.

This is the first book that I have read by author Neil Gaiman. I liked the book and the premise. You have to have an open mind for this book to be enjoyable.

The main character “Shadow” has a past and is serving time in prison. Shadow has decided that once out of prison he will lay low, stay out of trouble, and live a quiet life with his wife. Counting down his days until parole Shadow follows simple a simple prison rule, Do your own time. 

With less than a week to go he is brought to the Warden’s office and advised that his wife has been killed in an auto accident and now they are releasing him early. The prison guards comment to Shadow, “kind of a good news bad news thing, huh”. This type of dialog and character descriptions made American Gods an enjoyable read.

On the plane trip home Shadow meets mysterious Mr. Wednesday who seems to know everything and more of Shadow and his personal problems. Not being able to lose Mr. Wednesday and with out other options Shadow begins a working relationship as an errand boy, bodyguard.

As the title “American Gods” refers this book deals with the aspect of what Americans want to worship. Not only the old Gods from history but new gods that you might not realize until they are mentioned. This is a story of conflict and the possible resolution to conflict. The Christian religion is only mentioned a couple of times. So, if you are a bible reading, one God, one religion person, I don’t think this is for you. But if you can be open to all the cultures and all of their Gods I would think that it might be enjoyable.

I kept “Google” close while reading because, there are a lot of names that I was not familiar. Some surprised me that I did have a knowledge and bit of a background. There other names that I found for the first time and enjoyed the new knowledge.

Here is my quick evaluation. I enjoyed the book. It kept me interested and ready for more. I had thought it might end a bit different but was not disappointed. I was ready to follow more adventures of Shadow and his travels.

Next up, “The Flanders Panel” by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Picked this up at the same time as The Fencing Master. Got them both because I like the way Perez-Reverte tells a story.

P.S. You may have noticed that I have put the title of a book in italics at times and not in “quotes”. Which is right? I don’t know. English grammar and punctuation were never one of my greatest abilities.  Of course if you’ve read any of my posts you realize that already. Lets just say I am trying to get this across as clear as possible and not to take any credit where it doesn’t belong.

Until next time; How about the new Captain America movie coming, can’t wait.


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