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Book Report “Starvation Lake” by Bryan Gruley copyright 2009

Ernest Hemingway Fishing at Walloon Lake, Mich...

Ernest Hemingway Fishing at Walloon Lake, Michigan – NARA – 192667 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of

Cover of Starvation Lake: A Mystery

“Starvation Lake” is a fictional town in Northern Michigan. Gus Carpenter has grown up in the town and left to make his mark in the big city and be able to rub it in the face of all the hometown that saw him for a screw up.

This book was suggested by my sister, who happened to see some of the blogs I’ve written or just the announcements of them on Face book or Twitter. Anyway, Thanks Jacque for the heads up.

The book put me behind in the entries for my book reports because I couldn’t put it down and finished it before I could write the last report. Now I’m playing catch up.

My first book by the author Bryan Gruley. Starvation Lake, is a small town in northern Michigan that has seen better days. Gus Carpenter was a member of the local hockey team with a chance to put Starvation Lake on the map as a hockey powerhouse. Gus as goalie misses the block and is now known only for that one miss. After leaving town with hopes to coming back a different type of hero he finds himself back in his hometown trying to get back on track from another mess.

The setting had me interested right away with it being in Michigan. If you haven’t noticed Michigan is my home state and reading about the locals always makes it more interesting to me. Especially after being in most or passing through most of the places mentioned in the book. I found myself trying to figure which small town and lake Bryan Gruley used as his model.  Ernest Hemingway spent time in the area and used the setting in his “Nick Adams” stories. Walloon Lake is close to the area that Gruley describes.

Character Gus is now working for the local paper and is tipped off by a former girlfriend, now sheriff deputy, of the finding of a long-lost snowmobile. It happens to be the snowmobile that was last used by the former coach of the hockey team. Lost with the coach in a local lake and neither the coach or the sled had been found until now. But the remains of the old snowmobile are in the wrong lake.

Gus finds himself working with a not so helpful staff, corporate controllers, small town memories, and a “big city” problem that made him come home in the first place. Gruley keeps the story entertaining with believable characters a good story and turns that make you want to hold on for the ride. I read it mostly in a day. I will be looking for other books in the series.

Next up, “The Deep Zone” by James M. Tabor, another first time for me author that was suggested by and old High School friend. Thanks Dixie Dutch Girl for following and offering the great comments.

We have had our first snow already this season and books are what keeps me warm during the winter. That and the Southern United States. We will see if an adventure is in the future. Wait a minute! It’s all and adventure.

Until next time.


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