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Book report; “The Deep Zone” by James M. Tabor copyright 2012

Deep Zone was suggested by an old friend and reader of this blog. Thanks again “Dixie Dutch Girl”.

Another first time author for me, James M. Tabor. I enjoyed his writing and will look for other books by the author. He writes in the way of James Rollins, another of my favorites.

After a wound that is not considered life threatening a soldier in Afghanistan is eaten from the inside out by bacteria. This bacteria is a mutant and does not respond to the antibiotics in use today.

Anyone with kids now knows that doctors are not as prone to prescribe antibiotics as fast as they did just 30 years ago. Many infections don’t respond like they did and bacteria has changed to be tolerant of many of the first round antibiotics. This is what is happening in the book. The search is on for new medicines that will stop the ramped infection that has started. This new infection has the possibility of wiping out the United States Military from the inside out and take most of the population of the United States along with it.

In the first chapter the reader is introduced to the ultra rich, behind the scenes person, that drives or takes advantage of other minor characters. A taste of the good life is given, but, with the good comes the bad. Our non identified insider not only receives food, drink, and a glimpse at what could possibly by obtained. He is shown what could happen if things don’t go the way they are expected.

Greed drives the mysterious antagonists in this book. Which makes it all to relevant to today’s world. Sometimes I think that these works of fiction really are close to reality. If you can think it then someone is trying to make it real.

I found Jame M. Tabor a good author and enjoyed the book. I looked for additional books by Tabor at my favorite used books store, Booked for the Season in Grand Haven, MI, and found none. I let them know they were missing good reads. Looks like its back to the library or even on-line for additional reading by the my last two authors.

When I finished The Deep Zone I found I did not have another to start. Almost started to panic. It’s 9:30 at night and now what do I do. Lucky for me our youngest son, who still lives in our basement, has a girl-friend that reads. She happened to have almost a dozen books in her car that were ready to go back to the area libraries. She brought them in and I was able to pick from the lot.

Next up, The Queen’s Man, by Sharon Kay Penman copyright 1997. The cover says it is a Medieval Mystery. I started to say it is not my usual read. But it is just a different setting. I will let you know what I think, could be fun.

Until next time, Happy Halloween


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