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Book Review; “Bahamarama” by Bob Morris copyright 2004

Cover of "Bahamarama"

Cover of Bahamarama

This is the first book by author Bob Morris but not my first read. I have read others just never started at the beginning.

Morris uses Bahamarama to introduce his main character Zack Chasteen. A Florida boy raised by his Grand parents after a tragic boating accident takes the life of his parents. Chasteen is able to attend University and even play some pro football. After a career ending injury Chasteen makes a living as a charter boat captain until he runs into trouble and is arrested and sent to prison for something he didn’t do. We find him just being released on parole in the first pages and his adventure begins right away.

I like the character and his not so perfect persona. Chasteen does not take himself to serious and questions why the good things have come to him even with his incarceration for almost 2 years.

I find myself drawn to books that relate or are set in Florida. I don’t know why. I have been there a couple of times done the Disney experience with the family and enjoyed it. But, have never really wanted to live there for any extended time. Maybe the draw is due to living in the cold of Michigan anything warm and exotic has a draw.
I have found authors like Morris, Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White, Dave Berry and Tim Dorsey all to be enjoyable reads. They all take the good and bad of the state and make stories that keep a reader hoping for more.

I will find more of the series of Zack Chasteen at the library and will enjoy the trip with leaving the farm.

Until next time, I found a Clive Cussler / Grant Blackwood , Fargo adventure book that I haven’t read and will catch you up with that in a few days.


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