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Book Review; “Red Helmet” by Homer Hickam, copyright 2007

English: Homer Hickam on set of October Sky

English: Homer Hickam on set of October Sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I picked this book up because I have read other books by Homer Hickam.
The Keeper’s Son, The Ambassador’s Son, and The Far Reaches, all good stories.
Hickam tells a good story. His setting descriptions are well constructed and his characters for the most part believable.  You might not be familiar with Hickam so just to let you know his book Rocket Boys was made into the movie “October Sky”.  That is just a little background on the author.

In Red Helmet, the individuals are believable, but putting them together is a little bit far-fetched, however, maybe it is closer to a true story than I realize. You all have heard, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Song Hawkins is a New York raised daughter of a wealthy industrialist, and the head of his acquisitions department. Caleb “Cable” Jordan is the son of a coal miner and through the GI bill has a degree in Mining and now is superintendent of a coal mine and is in charge of the company town. They meet in New York and she is swept up by his down home ways and larger than life persona. Now they are on vacation on St. John island and he has asked her to marry him. Swept up in the moment a quick wedding ensues and now it is time to get back to reality.

I’ve been swept up in moments before but not like this. I guess opposites can get along but these two don’t know anything about each other and seem not to want to share. As I write this it becomes more believable. Maybe this could happen. Again Hickam tells a good story and I didn’t have any problem reading the book. No set down periods when it is hard to pick it back up again.

It’s a love story with a little mystery and mayhem included. My wife, Dearest, calls these HEA’s (happily ever after) I’ve probably given up the story now but a reader that with any background will know that shortly after beginning the book.

Red Helmet was not what I was looking for but it gave me a couple of days worth of distraction.

I have been “under the weather” and like comfort food there are authors that I look at as “comfort books” . Next up; James Rollins “Ice Hunt”. Hope this gets me through this lousy cold.


I have subscribed to Good Reads on-line and have listed as many books as I could find on that site. If you would like to follow along my contact name is byronrm01. Just be advised I am new to the site and like I am with WordPress I find myself lacking in the areas of site usage. But I’m getting better.

Until next time; I am getting better and so are you.


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