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Book Review; Ice Hunt, by James Rollins copyright 2003

Cover of "Ice Hunt"

Cover of Ice Hunt

Just like comfort food I have comfort authors. When not feeling “top of the line” I will look for a comfort author. James Rollins is one of the authors I use for that. In fact I have kept this book on the shelf just in case. Like in case of emergency break glass, well I didn’t break the glass in Dearest’s antique stacking book shelves but I did go after my Rollins book that I had stashed just for that reason.

Ice Hunt takes place in and on the Arctic ice cap when a research center is found constructed inside a huge ice burg. The pre-war Russian laboratory named Grendel after the monster in Beowulf, is now the main object of interest by a multinational group of scientists. Soon this “double double” secret mission becomes the interest of a Russian Admiral, Alaska Fish and Game, a Alaskan Sheriff and her father, a reporter from Seattle, and both Russian and American black op forces. All converging on this moving Island in the polar ice flow all for their own reasons.

As always Rollins finds ways for all the different parties to converge and weave their way into a final conclusion that has many twists and turns, and interactions between characters.

Now I have to find another book to put back into the emergency section of the book shelf. Ice Hunt was a fun, exciting read that had me again looking for another book by James Rollins.

Because I have been fighting this cold I found myself not wanting to spend time on the computer. So, again I am behind on my reviews. My oldest son has told me that I don’t have to review each book. But then I feel that I have let down my reading public. Not only let you down but myself so again you will be seeing a number of reviews coming quickly. Sorry if that is a problem. But just like I don’t have to write the reviews you don’t have to read them. However, you stand to miss something that could be amazing.

Next up another memoir, “Stephen King, a memoir of the craft, On Writing, copyright 2000.


2 thoughts on “Book Review; Ice Hunt, by James Rollins copyright 2003

  1. Love anything by Rollins or Cussler. Keep reading and writing, Byron. I read your next book a number of years back. I enjoyed it and Stephen King psyches you up for the writing process. Well worth the time.

    Paula T Dixie Dutchgirl

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