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Book Review; Stephen King – a memoir of the craft- On Writing, copyright 2000

Cover of

Cover of On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store.

Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Given to me by my oldest son Jacob, I hesitated to begin this book. I didn’t think I was ready to read a book that could be used in a creative writing class. I was glad I did.

A little background, Jacob and I signed up with the NaNoWrMo. The National Novel Write Month. If you are not familiar with this just a quick explanation. Writers have one month to write a first draft or 50,000 words and submit it to the NaNoWrMo web site. There are pep talks and hints throughout the month. But it is inspiration for many to get something on paper.

Let me say this, I am by no means a professional writer,  if you have read these entries you can tell. But I have had an idea floating through my brain for a number of years. This is the kind of push that I needed to get something started. My son has been toying with an idea also. This contest has led us to a number of great conversations and ideas of what is going into a book and which way to go.

Like a lot of ideas it doesn’t take much to derail the thought. I found that as I have said in other entries, life gets in the way. I found this November to be extremely challenging. My other son was in the hospital for emergency surgery and now recouping here at our home, and this darn cold thing. Both gave me the reason I wanted to stay away from the story that I was telling. Now the end of the month is here and I am woefully behind in my word count. But, I am better for getting something on paper.

Back to Stephen King’s On Writing. Like I said I didn’t feel up to reading a possible text-book. But King’s writing has a way of getting information to the reader and not making it boring. It was extremely entertaining and very personal. We have a few things in common not only living in the same era, but some of the personal trials that King has gone through came close to my home also. I was not run over by a truck but can relate to some of the life changing experiences that King has gone through.

King explains grammar in a way that was, even for me, understandable. I have learned from reading this book and if you have any thought of writing, not only novels but even blogs or letters or anything you will find something that will improve your communication skills. It doesn’t take long and is worth the read.

Next up; “The Black Echo. Author Michael Connelly’s first novel. This is a book that was suggested by the computer on the goodreads web site. I look forward to it.


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