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Book Review; Jamaica Me Dead, by Bob Morris copyright 2005

Cover of "Jamaica Me Dead"

Cover of Jamaica Me Dead

My third book by Bob Morris. I’ve picked these books up for a light, fun read that gives me some humor along with my mystery. Morris has again succeeded in entertaining me.

Zack Chasteen, Morris’s major character, is recognized by Monk DeVane, an old friend and former football player buddy. DeVane has invited Chasteen and his significant other, Barbara Pickering up to the “sky-box”, where DeVane’s boss, Jamaican high roller, Darcy Whitehall, is holding court.

Chasteen’s lady friend would really like to meet this Jamaican businessman in hopes of possibly landing some business for her own magazine. When they arrive all bets are off for business when they find Whitehall has a bomb set under his seat that could go off if he moves. From here things get exciting and at the request of DeVane, Zack heads to Jamaica to help his old friend out with security for the Whitehall family and the outrageous resort “Libido”.

Morris has his character self-effacing and never quite sure of himself. Something that I can relate too. At times if found myself laughing out loud to the dialog. Other times I was interrupting my wife, Dearest, to tell her what was happening. Anytime a book causes me to do this I am satisfied.

I found the humor great all though maybe a bit juvenile for my wife but far from gross. Morris moves the plot along at a pace that is acceptable and enjoyable. For a fun not to intellectual read you will enjoy Jamaica Me Dead. To me he is in the same genre as Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry. Enjoy the read.

Next up something a little different. I have a book with 5 complete novels by Dashiell Hammett, including The Maltese Falcon, and The Thin Man. I’m not sure if I should read them all and report back on all or one at a time. Guess I’ll start with the first and see what happens. The first title is “Red Harvest”, first published in 1928.

I am now turning on the Black and White and heading back to the 20’s.


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