Book Reviews

Book Review; The Ark, by Boyd Morrison copyright 2009/2010

6356460 Released as a e-book in 2009 then in hard cover in 2010 The Ark is an action thriller. So much action that I almost put the book down. Readers of Clive Cussler will soon see that this book is a lot like the Dirk Pitt books. The action is over the top and the bad guys find a reluctant hero in engineer, Tyler Locke. Tyler has a close buddy, Grant Westfield, like Pitt and Al Girordano, that is there for him no matter what.

Switching from the stories of Dashiell Hammett and the 1920’s to a more current time frame could be one of the reasons why I found it hard to really enjoy this book until almost half way through. I thought the action was way over the top and after reading a short review of the book on “Goodreads” that mentioned all the clichés in the book I couldn’t help but find them. I did find a part when the heroin, Dilara Kenner, recognized Grand Westfield as a former Pro Wrestler and  made her voice gravelly to imitate all professional wrestling dialog, “You’re going to feel The Burn!” fun and it brought a smile to my face.

I am pretty sure this is the first novel by Morrison and I will have to read more to see if they improve or I just like them better. Don’t get me wrong if you want non-stop, over the top action with a side-kick that adds the stupid humor, a beautiful and smart archeologists, and a touch of sex, nothing graphic, this is the book for you. It doesn’t take long to read and you can put it down and pick it up without worrying about losing the plot line.

I find that when reading some books I am in awe of the author’s ability to construct a story of this caliber and others that make me feel that if this book can be put into print then why not a story of my own.

I picked this book up at the local library. Read some of the quick comments on the back cover from other authors and brought it home Now after finishing the book I wonder. Do authors that  make these comments get paid, or is this one authors way to help a new member of the book writers society?

I really would like to hear back on this from others. What do you think?

Next up; The List by Steve Martini copyright 1997

Until then stay warm it has been snowing in Michigan and we have already received about 18” of snowfall this year. At this rate I will be tired of shoveling before the first of the year. Maybe I better get busy on that novel and become the next block-buster author that a publisher can pay some real author to write something glowing about my novel.


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