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Book Review; The List, by Steve Martini copyright 1997

I keep books in a random order to be read. Once I get them home I store them in my wife’s library case.  A certain spot for books from the local library, another spot for books I’ve picked up at the used book store, and a different spot for books that are loaned to me and have to be returned. Then after I have completed the read the books are placed on a different shelf so they don’t get mixed up and I make sure that I return the other people’s books. It is my own way of filing. I don’t keep the books in any specific order of which they are supposed to be read. That’s why it amazes me when the books I read touch each other in different ways. I hope this review will help explain what I am trying to say.

The List is about a woman in her late 30’s, not young but not old either. Abby Chandlis is a lawyer that wants to be an author. Divorced, and lives with another lady friend, her life is work and writing a novel. Abby has a plan to use a pen name to help her with publishing her book. The book gets into what author, lawyers, literary agents, publishers, and movie producers all want. Control. Throughout the book that’s what we have between everyone are power struggles all for ultimate control.

At one point in the book a character asked Abby to read one of his manuscripts that has been rejected. The description of the rejected book could almost be a teaser for my previously reviewed book.

Her description of the book :

His story was one of those male thumping things, high-tech hardware wrapped in a cartoon of global dimensions. It was peopled with an army of evil politicians and bureaucrats and heroic soldiers. The protagonist was amazingly hansom and had graduated at the top of his class from Pedigree U. All the women were amazingly beautiful but hadn’t gone to college. That didn’t matter because they all had big tits and long legs. The amazingly beautiful women couldn’t keep their hands off of the amazingly handsome man. When all of these amazingly beautiful people weren’t otherwise occupied humping, they could be found disarming nuclear bombs, and uncovering plots to kill the president. The protagonist was ageless and single, and driven by a purity of duty matched only by Superman. The only thing faster than a speeding bullet was the hero’s dick. All things taken together, Abby guessed that the invention was a lot like Jack himself, unbelievable, except that Jack was the incarnation in the flesh.

I laughed out loud. That is what I was talking about in the first paragraph. Call it a coincidence. But if I think like all the good detectives, “there are no coincidences”.

I liked the book. However, I have read a couple of other reviews that were not as positive. I found it entertaining and funny. About half way through I had thoughts as to how it would end and for the most part those thoughts were confirmed. It did take reading to the end to make sure. But I did not want to stop reading or put the book on the shelf.  Maybe not one of Martini’s best efforts but still a good read, and it is a personal decision to like it or not. You have to make your own choice.

Next up; Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.

I suggested to readers to find something that you don’t read and try it.  Well here is something way out of my personal lists. Given to my youngest son to read while he recuperated from surgery. Ben has now passed it along for my reading pleasure. So far in the first chapter a young accountant has had to throw is boss out the window after the boss changed into a werewolf and tried to eat him. This is the first of a series, who knows what will happen next.

Until next time, step outside your comfort zone, if only for minute or two.


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