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Book Review; Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia copyright 2009


Cover of

Cover of Monster Hunter International

I’ve said that I will read books that are lent to me and I’ve also suggested to read something from a different genre to get another view. Well my sons have decided to take me up on this. Monster Hunter International is not the type of book that I would check out at the local library. I have also mentioned that my youngest son, Ben, was in the hospital. Ben received this book from one of his friends to read while he recouped from his emergency operation. He was to out of it on drugs during the hospital stay but he read  later at home. Now it is my turn. The book begins with Owen Pitt, Dallas TX, CPA, is closing down his computer after another long day at the office. On his way out Owen is summoned to his boss’s office, where Owen finds unappreciative Mr. Huffman turning into a werewolf. Huffman didn’t care for Owens attitude and was now going to eat him. Talk about employee relations. A fight to the death occurs and being Texas, Pitt has a concealed weapons permit and is carrying. It is against company policy but handy at the time. Too bad Owen wasn’t ready with silver bullets. Owen wakes in the hospital, is interviewed or threatened by Federal agents and also visited by representatives of MHI (Monster Hunter International) with a job offer.

Owens character is a kid raised with weapons by a military Dad, paid his way through college being a bouncer and underground fighter, and is bumbling and unknowing in the ways of women. Perfect to be a monster hunter.

 Action is almost nonstop. I did find it a little slow in the middle of the book, but it picked up again. Even though not a book for that deep thoughtful read, I found it fun and easy to enjoy. The vampires in this book do not sparkle, a fact brought up during preparation for a battle. There is a love interest but nothing that gets in the way of the action. Not my regular read, but, Ben says there are about 5 other books in the series that he wants to read and when he’s done I am sure he will offer them to me. I will accept.

Next Up; Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson copyright 2009.

 My other son, Jacob, has lent this book to me, after he read it in a day. He thought I would like it because it has WW2 Navy ships and action, with addition science fiction included. I will let you know.

Until next time, enjoy the season, hug someone, and get through to the New Year safe.


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