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Book Review; Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson copyright 2008

USS Walker (DD-163)

USS Walker (DD-163) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of

Cover of Into the Storm: Destroyermen, Book I

Another book suggested and loaned from my oldest son Jacob. This book covers WWII sea battles, science fiction, and fantasy. When Jacob started to describe Into the Storm to me I thought of an old movie from the 1980 with Kirk Douglas, and Martin Sheen, The Final Countdown. Where a current era aircraft carrier is transported back in time by a strange weather pattern. Into the Storm has a destroyer, part of the Asiatic fleet, running from Japanese warships in the first few months of 1942, right after Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941. In a move to escape the Japanese the members of the USS Walker use a rain squall to hide and are transported to a parallel universe where humans have not evolved. In this world two different species are at war and members of the Walker must decide if they want to be involved and with which side. Not a new premise for a book. Reading it had me thinking of “The Lost World”, “The Time Machine”, dozens of WWII movies, “Swiss Family Robinson”, and “Planet of the Apes.”

“Get  your paws off me! You damned filthy Ape!”   Had to say it.

But Anderson’s story holds its own against all the memories of other stories.

 I found Anderson’s descriptions of  the battles believable and entertaining. Showing knowledge of early Pacific era WWII and ending with a scene right out of Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander series.  Anderson used his historical knowledge to weave the story around battles that really took place and also the fictional science fiction/fantasy battles. Anderson’s human characters and one of his fictional species related to each other as “people of the sea”, and while reading  I did not have a problem believing that the two species could live together.

Into the Storm is the first of a series of “Destroyermen” and I will be reading further into the series. I know this because Jacob has told me he has already ordered the next book in the series. I look forward to it.

In an after thought, while reading about the author, Taylor Anderson. I learned that he taught history at Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas. Just so happens that I have a niece that graduated from Tarleton at about the same time. I wonder if she ever had a class with Anderson as the teacher. I will have to send her a message and see if she remembers him at all. (This is part of the small world syndrome.)

 Next up; The Shimmer by David Morrell copyright 2009

 Until next time, enjoy your moments. It could be snowing and cold and your wife could have broken ANOTHER tooth and you don’t have dental insurance and and and . Whew that sounds almost to  real.  Just enjoy what you can. I will bring a book .


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