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Book Review: “The Shimmer” by David Morrell copyright 2009

Cover of "The Shimmer"

Cover of The Shimmer

When I first read David Morrell I didn’t realize that he was the author of First Blood.
First Blood has a copyright of 1972, so if you do the math Morrell has been publishing novels for over 40 years. This to me is quite an accomplishment. This is the second book of Morrell’s that I have read and have enjoyed both the readings.

The Shimmer has a cop in Santa Fe, New Mexico trying not to bring his work home with him. But in the mean time doesn’t talk to her about anything else either.
After a long day Dan Page come home to find that his wife is gone and left a note that she has gone to see her mother. Her mother is 800 miles away and there has been no talk about a trip. Dan uses his police contacts to search for his wife. He finds her in a small West Texas town of Rostov. Contacted by the local Chief, Page is told that his wife is OK but that is about all that can be told over the phone. The rest he has to see to understand. This brings Page into town where some people see unexplainable lights out over the prairie.

The lights that some people see and some do not become the focal point of Page and his wife, area news anchors, government security heads, and tourists from all around the area. Do the lights cause problems for people or is it a government conspiracy.

Morrell keeps the book moving with suspense, action and intrigue. I never felt tired of reading and enjoyed the book from cover to cover. I even enjoyed the Afterward and found it educational. I will probably put a David Morrell book on the shelf for a read that can be used between looking for books at the used book store or the library.

Next Up; Foreign Influence by Brad Thor copyright 2010

Just to let you know I broke down and ordered TV and computer access from a local supplier. I know, I always bragged about not needing television. My inter webs access was accomplished through my smart phone. Well I’ve been spending too much time on the computer and have been going way over my allotted gigabytes. So, I have used that as an excuse to bring in the cable guy. Plus now in February I will be able to see the Olympics. I’ve got a thing for Curling and this is about the only time that bonspiels are televised in the United States.

I hope you don’t think less of me.  Now! Until next time; Where’s the movie channel?


One thought on “Book Review: “The Shimmer” by David Morrell copyright 2009

  1. ‘The Shimmer’ is a great read that goes along at a good pace. The first David Morrell novel that I read was ‘The Fifth Profession’, which is an amazing book which I have read on numerous occasions and I feel is still one of his best. And, like you, I was unaware that he was the creator of Rambo. Since then I have read nearly every novel and anthology that he has written. The ‘Brotherhood’ trilogy, ‘The Fifth Profession’ and ‘Assumed Identity’ are well worth a read.

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