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Book Review; Crusade, by Taylor Anderson copyright 2008

Crusade      I received a lot of books this year for Christmas presents. Knowing that I do not have a problem with previously read books my son brought home about a dozen books that were being culled from a friends library. Most of the books are James Patterson books with a few other authors mixed in. Ben, my son tried to find out what books I’ve read and called me with certain titles to make sure they weren’t duplicates. Well the first book I took from his stack didn’t sound familiar until I started the first page. Then immediately realized it was a repeat and being in the night-time I just went to the library shelf and grabbed the next one. It was “Crusade”

      “Crusade” is the second in the Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson. My other son is hooked on this series and is passing them on to me when he finishes. I think there are quite a few in the series and Jacob reads them in a couple of days. So, there will probably be a number of these in the reviews this winter.

      “Crusade” follows the crew of a World War I era destroyer from the Asiatic Fleet. Sent to slow the steady march of a more powerful, and technologically superior Japanese squadron the USS Walker and, sister ship, USS Mahan use a squall to hide from almost certain annihilation. They find themselves in what can only be described as a parallel dimension. Everything looks the same however, humans have not evolved as the dominant species. Along with the Walkers new allies the Lemurians battle overwhelming numbers of a very scary adversary. Plus now the Destroyermen find an adversary from their dimension has also come through the same storm.

      Like before, I have found Taylor Anderson’s descriptions of action and battles to be very exciting and believable. Anderson uses his knowledge of history to describe working ship complements and the hierarchy of command. I enjoy the read and have fun with the premise. I am looking forward to the other books. Hurry up Jacob! You should be done with the next one by now.

      Next up; Private by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro. This is another of the batch given to me by my son. I am sure I’ve read this before, but I don’t remember exactly how it ends. It reads fast and should be done in a couple of days.

      Until next time, I seem to be having problems with WordPress again and where pictures and suggestions used to come up now they don’t. If the posts don’t look the same or have the pictures they used to it’s because I haven’t been able to figure it out on my end yet. I’m working on it.

     I received some suggestions from my son so I was able to get a picture and still working on the rest.

      Stay warm and wear hats and gloves. It’s cold outside.


2 thoughts on “Book Review; Crusade, by Taylor Anderson copyright 2008

  1. I’m going to let Ron check out this series. He was a Navy brat and his Dad was an officer. I think he might enjoy both the action as well as the ship details and crew hierarchy.

    Paula T Dixie Dutchgirl


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