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Book Review; The Last Oracle, by James Rollins copyright 2008

     I picked up this book for a couple of reasons. I like James Rollins and like to keep one of his books on the shelf as a comfort read, just like comfort food. I picked this books specifically because I wanted to find out what happened to one of the characters from the previous book. The Last Oracle is the fifth in the Sigma Force series and I have read books on either side of this and wanted to fill in what has happened with the characters. But what seems to happen when I read a Rollins book I end up learning or gaining additional knowledge on a different subject.

      One of the story lines in The Last Oracle has to do with children that have special powers or savants and the scientists that hope to use those powers. What I found interesting was that many of the children in the book were twins and if you’ve been keeping track the last book I read, The Thirteenth Tale, was about twins also. I had know idea that each would have twins as a subject line but it happened.

      The children in the story were also autistic, and autisim is more common now than ever. O,r is it that we just here more about autistic children in the media. I think most people have some knowledge of autism but know real understanding of what it is. Also I think most people know of someone with a autistic person in the family. I know a good friend of my son’s has a autistic child and we here of the trials this lady has had with the public schools. Hopefully she has found a good school that her son can thrive and enjoy.

      The seed for the novel came from a quote by Dr. Temple Grandin and was used by James Rollins in the book and I also thought it very profound. “If by some magic, autism had been eradicated from the face of the earth, then men would still be socializing in front of a wood fire at the entrance of a cave.” Rollins also lists some of the historical figures that displayed some autistic tendencies. Check it out it is in the authors notes to the reader whats true and false.

      The Authors notes are another reason I keep a Rollins book on the shelf. I discovered the notes when I first started reading a Rollins”s books and have been hooked with it ever since.

      It just so happens that The Last Oracle was also the last book of 2013 that I read. I found myself finishing it on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t go out and party, we haven’t done that for a number of years. But we stayed in with a good books. I was in bed at about the usual time and the book was interesting enough to keep me going until I finished it just a few minutes before midnight. A double cause for celebration, and more fireworks.

      Next up; Crusade, #2 in the Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson copyright 2008. Like the first book in the series my eldest got hooked on these books and I get them after he finishes. He read this edition in only a couple of days and has already ordered the next in the series. So, you should be seeing reviews fairly regularly or until he catches up with the author.

      Until next time Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all enjoy your new adventures.


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