Book Reviews

Book Review; “You’ve Been Warned” by James Patterson & Howard Roughan copyright 2007

      This is the second time I have read “You’ve Been Warned”. The first was in 2012 and my quick spreadsheet description was, naive girl gets involved with married man and deals with her guilt. Not exactly a very good description but in my spread sheet column I didn’t allow for a lot of letters. “You’ve Been Warned” must not have left me with a huge impression because here in the very early 2014 I did not remember reading the book until about a third into it and then I did not remember the paranormal aspects of the story at all.Image

      Kristen is the young woman, twenty-seven, trying to make a living in the big city and has become a nanny for a wealthy couple. She loves the kids, dislikes the snobbish wife, and is having an affair with the husband. Her dream is to have her own photo gallery showings.  Lately she has been plagued by the same nightmare and wakes to screams. Now the other tenants in her apartment building are beginning to complain. She is troubled by the dreams, constant music brain-worms, and smells, all unable to place or remember.

      Throughout the book I thought that the husband was a manipulator and taking advantage of the young woman’s naiveté. He played the great person and made his wife look like a demon. I wondered how Kristen could allow herself to be taken in by a man almost 20 years older than her. Charm, money, and advantages go a long way for some.

      I did not remember the paranormal aspect of the book from my first read. I wonder if it is the book that left so little an impression or whether I had other things on my mind while I read it. The book is a quick read but I found that it did drag in the middle.  I almost stopped but figured better keep going and find out what I missed the first time.  Plus it was a Christmas present and don’t want to disappoint a gift giver.

     Next up another Christmas present, “The Killer’s Wife” by Bill Floyd copyright 2008.    A first novel by Bill Floyd and I’ve not heard a lot about the author so we will see how it goes.

      Until next time, we have survived the storm and cold. The temperature has climbed back into the double digits and the plow trucks have cleared the snow from the cul-de-sac in front of the house. Spring is on its way.


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