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Book Review; “Maelstrom” by Taylor Anderson, copyright 2010

The third in the “Destroyermen” series by Taylor Anderson. The crew of the USS Walker, a World War I era destroyer assigned to the Asiatic Fleet at the beginning of the Second World War, are running for their lives from a larger and newer Japanese Fleet. The ship and crew find themselves swept into a different dimension where the geography is almost the same as before but the species have not developed in the same fashion. Humans are not the top of the food chain here. The crew find a peaceful species, “the Lemurians”, in a battle for their lives against another aggressor called “the Grik”Image

The Lemurians have fled across the western sea from their ancient enemy the Grik. Until now the size of the oceans and sea creatures that inhabit them have been a barrier and kept the Grik from moving east. But now the Grik have developed a better technology in sailing ships and have set out scouts looking for the “Tree People” their ancient prey.

The crew of the Walker ally with “the Lemurians” against a much larger and aggressive Grik force. The Grks are a species whose main plan is the hunt. They are the hunters and every other species is the prey. The Griks are of a hive mentality where the great many of the workers follow a few without question. The once dilapidated and outmoded destroyer has now become the most powerful force in the new dimension. However, this only last for a while when we find that the Japanese “heavy cruiser, Amagi” has also been swept into the different dimension. Now the crew of the Walker and their allies the Lemurians find themselves in a battle against a enemy whose intent is extermination.

Like this blog the first quarter of the book is dedicated to bringing a new reader of the series up to date on what has happened in the previous books. I found this update a bit slow, however, I have been reading the series for only about a month. If I had been reading the books from their beginning publishing dates it would be helpful to have this update to get the reader ready for the new story. Once the recap is completed the story moves at a pace that keeps the reader on the edge and wanting to keep reading.

Anderson does a remarkable job of describing what might have been happening with the men and women involved in the story. His description of battles, land and sea, include sailing warships, Roman shield lines, and World War II era ships is remarkable. Anderson keeps the main story flowing and adds new story lines to be expanded later in the series. This keeps me looking forward to the next edition. I have enjoyed the series and am looking forward to the next in line.

Next up, “In the Woods” by Tana french, copyright 2007. A debut novel considered a psychological thriller.

Until next time, we here are experiencing a lull in the weather. Temperature in the 30’s has made it easier to get out of doors and run some errands. I can tell you I was in the midst of some cabin fever. Now I am like the other old people that want to talk to anyone that will listen. So far I have tormented bank tellers, Tractor Supply counter people, pharmacists, and even a realtor. What next? Invite a insurance person into the home? Sheeesh. I need to get out more.


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