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Book Review; “Distant Thunder” by Taylor Anderson Copyright 2010

      Number 4 in the “Destroyerman” series, Distant Thunder follows the crew of the World War II destroyer Walker. The Walker, pursued by the Japanese, uses a squall to hide. Passing through the squall the members of the Walker find themselves now in a parallel dimension where humans are not the highest form of life.Image

      Taylor Anderson uses the first third of “Distant Thunder” to bring a new reader up to speed in what has happened in the first books of the series. Although a necessary situation, for a accustom reader it could drag. Anderson does use this recap to expand the story and add background to some characters. This helps to keep the follower of the series interested, but it does seem to take quite a while before the story gets moving.

      Anderson’s “Destroyermen” have been in their new world for over a year now and have helped the mostly peaceful “Lemurians” defend themselves from their ancient enemy, the Grik. Walker’s crew has escaped from one war and find themselves trying to survive the different world and involved in fight with a species, of overwhelming numbers, that sees any other beast as prey.

      The Lemurians history speaks of other “tail less ones” that live somewhere passed the Eastern Sea. The crew is hoping that they will be able to survive the current situation with the Grik long enough to find these other humans.

      Takes a while for the story to get going, but once it does Anderson again relates a good tale, with sea and land monsters, American ingenuity, personal valor, and the girl next door. Even if the “girl next door” has fur and a tail.

       Fun and reads easily. Good to get lost in another world. I am looking forward to the additional books in the series.

       Next up another guilty pleasure, “Monster Hunters – Vendetta” by Larry Correia.

      Until next time, stay safe and warm.


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