Book Reviews

“It’s the Daily Double!!”

     You Got it right, “The Daily Double”. This book review will include two books from the same author, Larry Correia. “Monster Hunters Vendetta” copyright 2010 and “Monster Hunters Alpha” copyright 2011.Image

     These books were included in a compilation that included also the first Monster Hunter International book in the series. Vendetta is #2 and Alpha #3. The original book was loaned to my youngest son while he was recuperating from surgery and he wanted to read the follow ups. I read the 2nd in the series and thought, What the heck, I enjoyed the second might as well keep on and read the 3rd while I’m at it. It was worth it.

     The Monster Hunter series follows members of a family business that started in the 19th century. Lead by Earl Harbinger with his second Julie Shackelford, MHI makes its living eliminating monsters and collecting fees from a secret government fund called PUFF (Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund). The government has its own special force, MCB (Monster Control bureau to keep monsters a secret to regular folk but still pays individuals to hunt and kill monsters. Bureaucracy at its finest. As you would expect government and private practice often find themselves working for the same outcome but from completely different angles. There is plenty of interaction between the MHI and the MCB, not always in a positive manner.

     Vendetta finds yearling hunter Owen Pitt has fallen in love with his boss Julie and asked her to marry. In between hunting chupacabra, Owen now must worry about picking the color of napkins for the wedding. Pitt also finds an old-time religion that worships the real old other dimension Gods, has gone after his family members as a way of getting to him. In addition Owen is asked a favor from his future in-laws who just happen to be vampires he’s in for a difficult time before the wedding.

     Alpha gives us the back-story of Earl Harbinger and brings Earl to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in search of an old nemesis. Earl finds a lot more than just pasties in the old mining town of Copper Lake. (Pasties were not mentioned in the book. But if you mention the UP it’s a law you have to mention pasties. Eh?)

(If you have further questions about pasties, the Upper Peninsula, or Eh ask and I will try to respond in a positive manner.)

     Correia tells a good story. Anyone that is a gun nut will enjoy his descriptions of weapons. I’m not a gun person but still enjoy how Correia integrates almost every weapon known to man into his stories. His characters are believable, even while battling unbelievable monsters. The author makes the reader care about the characters. I have found that each book starts with action then takes a short while to unwind the story and soon has reader involved where it’s hard to put down the book. I cheer for the good-guys and boo the bad guys. (Some of the worse monsters are human)

     I have enjoyed all three in the series and look forward to the next. You should also.

     Next up “The Kennedy Men – 1901-1963” by Laurence Leamer copyright 2001.

This book represents a 180 degree turn from what I’ve been reading recently.

     Until next time; Here’s to sharp turns.


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