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Book Review; “Rising Tide” by Taylor Anderson, copyright 2011

     Number 5 in the “Destroyermen” series by Taylor Anderson continues the adventures of the crew of USS Walker into a different world. After reading and reviewing 5 books in a narrow amount time it gets hard to keep the review interesting. This is a little different from the others. 51qRw7RrR8L._SS500_-e1288285833298

      Taylor Anderson has taken elements from, the Asiatic Fleet prior to and the very beginning of World War 2, the British East India Company, “the Lost World”, civil engineering, the Industrial revolution. Combines them with stories of survival, courage, personal growth, and humor. Anderson’s “new world” looks at intelligence in a different species from the species point of view. So far the interaction includes these three groups;

      The Lemurians; a peaceful “cat” type species that live in family groups on large ocean sailing platforms, “homes.” Their homes are self-sufficient growing what they need and fishing. They trade an oil harvested from large “whale like” animals at land based groups of Lemurians for any additional needs.

     The Grik; a group that I compared, at first, to the raptors from “Jurassic Park”. The Grik live by the hunt. They are either predator or prey. Hatchlings are separated early, the more aggressive survive to enter the hunt. The lessor become prey. It is like a hive mentality, workers (Uul) are directed by the few (Uij).

     Humans; So far humans have not evolved in this world. What humans that exist in the “new world” have passed there through mysterious storms. Both the Lemurians and the Grik have records of meetings with humans. How they interacted is quite different.

     Anderson’s books center on the Walker’s crew and their learning to survive in this different world. And not only revolve around the interaction of these 3 main groups, but, involve the interaction of the different cultures in each species. The crew of the destroyer and the Japanese are still at war with each other. The Grik and the Lemurian are ancient predator and prey. Now with the introduction of different human groups that entered the different world at different times brings about old prejudices and differing religious beliefs.

     Anderson is constantly introducing new sub groups or different species altogether and interweaves them into the stories. All keeping the main theme in place while adding additions to keep the story interesting and worth reading. New battles to be fought for different reasons. New/old technology being introduced and manufactured, and still including some of the best described battles and battle strategies keep the reader wanting more.

      All of the books from the series have been loaned to me by my oldest son, Jacob. I hope he reads this so that I can get the next in the series in a timely fashion.

      I am also doing something that I haven’t done since school, reading more than one book at a time. Still reading “The Kennedy Men” by Laurence Leamer. But have found that I need to break from this once in a while. Leamer’s book has me wondering just how we came to few this family how I had for so long. This does not mean Leamer’s book isn’t good. With all the information that it has sometimes its good to look a different way just to not get overwhelmed with what I’m learning.

      Until next time: Spring forward.


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