Book Reviews

Book Review; “Code to Zero by Ken Follett, copyright 2000

     I picked “Code to Zero” off the self because it looked like something that could be read quickly. I hadn’t previously read any reviews or the back cover teaser for a hint of what action would follow. I picked this book because I have read other Ken Follett books and enjoyed them. Image

      I just finished Laurence Leamer’s book “The Kennedy Men” and was looking for something a little lighter. (You can look at my previous blog entry for the review of “The Kennedy Men”) I am always amazed when the next book I read relates to the same time period or plot point as the last book. This happens, what I think to be, often. Whether it is just because I’m still thinking of the last read or do I subconsciously pick books with parallel themes. I surely don’t know. But, it has happened to me often.

      Set in the winter of 1958, the cold war has heated and the space race is in its infancy. A man wakes up in a Washington D. C. public bathroom and realizes he doesn’t know who he is. Called Luke by another person in the same ragged clothing and rough state, Luke doesn’t feel comfortable in what he sees. I doesn’t feel right. Although ragged in clothes and body Luke doesn’t think that he is a person of the streets.

      Although a good story. I didn’t feel that this book was not as good as some of the other Ken Follett books. I found some discrepancies in the book. On the back cover teaser it talks of a NASA scientist but in the first pages the date is January 1958. NASA wasn’t established until later that year. Then later in the story a female character gets into her Bel-Air and a few pages later she is driving a Corvette. Not big discrepancies, but, if I see them they must be obvious. They did not detract from the story enough to make me want to stop but just a hiccup in the read. I will definitely read other books and keep a Follett book on the shelf.

      I have found in all of the books I have read by Ken Follett that he writes a great sex scene. Not overly graphic but sensual enough to get a persons juices flowing.

      Next up; Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This is part of my decision to expand my reading habits. I am considering this as a classic piece of literature. (When I pronounce the word literature it is like this; LITe rat ure. Very British, you know.)

      Until next time, while it is still cold, single digits cold, these last few days. Spring is getting closer. I am ready for warmer weather.


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