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Book Review; “The Camel Club” by David Baldacci, copyright 2005

The first in the Camel Club series of books. I had read the second in the series and wanted to find out what Camel Club stood for. Book one gives some background on the eclectic group of conspiracy theory activists. Default leader, Oliver Stone, has a buried background that he would like to keep hidden. Ruben, is a decorated Vietnam vet that has had trouble getting back into society. Milton is a Web site designer with OCD, and Caleb works at the Library of Congress rare book department and would rather use pencil and paper rather than digital technology.camel club

Oliver has a permit that allows him to have a permanent demonstration sight in front of the White House. His sight consists of a tent with a sign in front that reads, “I want the truth”. Something hard to find in the nation’s capital. Being a permanent protester in front of the White House, Oliver, is well-known by many of the Secret Service Men stationed in the area.

Copy-written in 2005 the disaster of 9/11 is quite prevalent in the story line. Terrorists are everywhere and government officials are still reeling from the lack of, or breakdown in information that lead to the September hijackings.

During a clandestine meeting “The Camel Club” witness a murder. The members, not having the greatest accountability, don’t report the indecent to the authorities. They figure they must solve the crime themselves before going to a trusted Secret Service agent. This puts them in harm’s way, with only their combined knowledge and ingenuity to keep themselves alive until they can inform on the murders.

Like I said before, I had read the second in the series before and picked this up to answer some questions about “the club”. “The Camel Club” did what I wanted and for the most part kept me interested throughout the story. Although it seemed to drag in some places. This could have been because the book is almost 10 years old and the subject matter is not new anymore. Still I found the book worth the read and at no time did I want to set it aside. Plus I did find out the reason for the Camel Club name.

Next up, I started a Tana French novel but then was given the next in the series of Destroyermen books by my son. Wanting to find out just how Taylor Anderson keeps the series fresh and lively I went right to “Firestorm” number 6 in the “Destroyermen” series.

Until next time, almost the first of April green shoots are starting to come out of the ground, even if we still have snow banks 6 feet high.



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