Book Reviews

Book Review; “Overkill” by Robert Buettner, copyright 2010

Pulled from the shelf without any knowledge of the author and his books, “Overkill”, after a short time to switch gears from mystery to science fiction, was better than I expected. I found “Overkill” to be a cross between and old west shoot-em up and Star Trek. There was a lot of action and it read quite fast.Image

Illegally born and raised by a midwife, Jazen Parker, left for the legionnaires to escape bounty hunters. After his tour of duty he has a year of amnesty. Now with only a short time left Jazen has to raise enough money to have his body scrubbed and begin a new life as someone else. Accepting a job working for a wealthy “true born” earthling, Jazen finds himself and a friend on planet DE 476. DE 476 known to locals as “Dead End”.  Jazen has been hired to maintain and run a century old tank. The tank is going to be used in a hunting expedition for a giant 6 legged animal. This is the part where Jazen meets his new guide, Kit Born. Of course, she’s beautiful, smart, and has an I can kick your ass attitude. That, is part of the science fiction. Jazen and Kit find more than they were expecting on Dead End and rely on each other and some unexpected help to survive the harsh planet.

I had been looking for something that read that was light and an escape from my usual readings. “Overkill” hit the mark. Better than I expected and enjoyable I have added Buettner’s name to my to read author list. I will be checking the used books science fiction shelves for more from the author.

Next up, another gear change, “The Club Dumas” by Arturo Perez-Reverte.
I’ve reviewed a number of books by Perez-Reverte and enjoyed them all.

Until next time, with the weather turning nicer and the snow banks almost melted Toots and I have started to walk again. Just short trips at first and we both seem to need naps when we get home. Walks and naps reduce my reading time, so, you might see less of me for a while.


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