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Book Review; “The Shooters” by W.E.B Griffin, copyright 2008

It was deja vu all over again. After the first 300 pages of “The Shooters” I felt that I had read this book before. Sometimes I was sure that I had read the book before but then others parts that were not familiar. Right up to the end of the book I was still not sure. Like most of the W.E.B. Griffin books they read fast and if you like military fiction you will enjoy any of the Griffin series. I do suggest that you begin with the first book in the series, and Griffin has 6 different series to choose.Image

“The Shooters” is part of the Presidential Agent Novels. Charley Castillo head of the OOA, Office of Organizational Analysis, reports directly, and only, to the president. Not only is Charley always on difficult “black ops” for the president, but he must always contend with Washington politics. The president has made Charley the head of OOA based upon his merit and ability. This rubs some Washington elite the wrong way.

Castillo, is a West Point graduate, and the Army has its own Good Ole Boys Club. Acquaintances good and bad follow Army personnel throughout their careers. Castillo has made good friends and has also made enemies. This tone is kept throughout the book. Castillo uses the network to complete his tasks. A motto could be,”Work with who you trust and respect, and respect the abilities of the trusted.”

Castillo has gathered a growing group of men and women from different agencies, and ages. FBI, CIA, Marines, and even members of foreign police agencies into the OOA. How people become part of the OOA is a big part of the story, these people become a tight-knit “Band of Brothers.”

If you enjoy Military novels fiction or fact based, you will enjoy Griffin’s novels.

Next up, “Dead Silence” by Randy Wayne White.

Now for something completely different.

In February of this year I reviewed ”The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt. You can find it in my WordPress blog from earlier. “The Goldfinch” was loaned to me by a friend that thought it was a great novel. I found it well written and worth reading, however, I did not care for the depressing nature of the novel. When I informed my friend of my feelings, she let me know that I missed the whole point of the novel. Well, that could be true. The real truth is my friend and I are different. We have different views. In fact all of my friends have different views, on some aspect, than I do. That doesn’t make me not care for them. I hope that it is the same with them.
When I spoke to my friend this week I was told that “The Goldfinch” had won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. She felt vindicated that I was wrong in my review. Whether I’m wrong or not I still thought the book depressing and would not recommend it.

But, now maybe I have to recommend “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt just so you can make up your own mind. If you agree with me, or not, make a comment on the blog. Let me know what you think. It wont change my mind but then maybe a different opinion, well thought out, could change my views. I could have missed the whole theme of the book. But I doubt it.

Until next time read outside your comfort zone. You might form a new opinion.



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